A Spectre in the Stream

Book One of The Slip Saga

A Spectre in the Stream Book One of The Slip Saga cover

In a world gone mad with bloodlust, can a girl with a fragmented past use her inner monster to save the last human from undying predators?

Earth, post-Apocalypse. Prisma longs to understand herself. Two centuries after humanity died, the claustrophobic immortal is grateful she’s not driven by the thirst for blood plaguing every other enslaved survivor. But when a boy arrives at her den with a cryptic message about her origins, she fears his existence has made them both a deadly target.

As Prisma’s violently protective alter-ego gives her remarkable abilities, she and her clueless companion trace a mysterious entity through their decaying city and its virtual twin. But she’s horrified to stumble on a vicious conspiracy that sends her split personality into dangerous denial just as a psychotic assassin and a desperate bounty hunter close in for the kill.

Can she unearth the secret that will renew their stricken planet’s hope?

A Spectre in the Stream is the edge-of-your-seat first book in The Slip Saga science fiction fantasy series. If you like gritty characters, violent action, and dark-edged humor, then you’ll love Simon Tull’s fast-paced adventure.